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BIAB cures hard under an LED light and is more durable than your regular gel polish.

How is BIAB different than acrylic or hard gel? 

BIAB is a soak off gel and is thinner when applied to the natural nail so it isn’t as heavy on the natural nail helping them grow longer while keeping your natural nails healthier.

BIAB hardens the natural nail, whilst creating the same look you’d expect from gel or acrylic nails without adding too much bulk. It is performed nail biters or people who find it hard to grow their natural nails.

Do you refill BIAB?

BIAB is simply refilled instead of soaked off unlike regular gel polish. The refill process requires coloured gel to be filed off to allow for reapplication of BIAB to fill the new growth of the natural nail.

BIAB can also be fully soaked off as opposed to hard gel needing to be filed off. 

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